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Big Hair Men | How To Care?

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The  Big Hair Men is a big trend and Man Made would not let you out of this!

More than an age-old style, the  Big Male Hair is a trend that has more and more fans.

If decades ago hipsters were the only fans, today the cut accepts all styles of men and hair, from the most straight to the rebels.

The Hair Cuts Men with long strands look great in men with curly hair, wavy or straight, can be super long or not pass the neckline.

If you think that investing in hair is bullshit, know that they are the gateway to show how much you care about style and understand the importance of looking good, whether in the business world or in your personal life.

Keep reading and learn more about the diversification of the  Big Male Hair and believe me, it allows for great hairstyles, and has many more variations than the military cut , the male gradient and / or a cut with risk in simple hair .

With it you can even change to a stylish male dread without fear and try this hairstyle different from many others.

See great photos and choose the perfect look for your lifestyle, hair and personality.

Having long hair still requires some care, so see great tips and keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Do not miss out on this trend that pleases women and gives modernity to the look.



Our first answer is yes! You can have a Big Male Hair!

The Big Male Hair conquered both the straightest guys who insist on a modern and well-aligned cut, as the hipsters.

The Big Male Hair can still combine with the most different types of hair, from straight to curly.

You can see that whoever adopts him hardly leaves Big Male Hair. Versatile, today he even accepts buns, and / or changing colors with platinum hair or highlights!

If your hair is already long and you want maintenance and care tips, keep reading.

If you still didn’t have the courage to make that TV bun, stay here and see photos of different types of long hair with this trend.

Now, if you have always thought about migrating to this look that conquers women but does not know if it will adapt, keep reading and see that it is simple.


As much as the Big Male Hair is an ancient look, it has never been so modern, stylish. And allowed for so many variations as now.
But you don’t want to be one of those dirty-looking hairy ones, do you?

Behind all the charm of the Big Male Hair, there are some precautions to be taken.

Step by step

1st Step: Long strands tend to accumulate more damage from the entire period in which they are growing, so take care of them from the beginning of the process of letting them grow.

2nd Step: Invest in a good pair of shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. No, it’s not cool!

3rd Step: Cosmetic medicine has evolved for everyone, including us men. Worth a treatment mask on weekends …

4th Step: In the bath, wash your head and don’t rub your hair too much. The conditioner should only be used for length.

5th Step: Be patient when drying and do not use the towel too hard to avoid damaging the threads.

6th Step: If your hair is not greasy, use a combing cream and untangle it with a wide tooth comb.



traight Male Big Hair is the most practical of all to grow or keep beautiful.

Whether they are bulky or not, they call attention for their practicality.

Of course, you should not forget hydration and the use of good products and correct washing to avoid problems such as oiliness and to ensure the beauty of the hair.


The Big Male Hair for those who have wavy and curly hair requires a little more attention.

To ensure a great appearance, invest in hydration with specific products for the type of hair.

A great advantage is the versatility of hairstyles that this type of hair allows, always modern, manly and stylish.



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